The Ambilight Box

We want to make funny colorful and moving lights around your computer screens. Thats whats its all about!

Well, actually its a bit more complicated than that, but only a bit. We are trying to build an arduino based box that will give us a dynamic ambilight behind our computer screens. Whether it is for movies, gaming or just for the sake of having colorful light in you home – it does not matter. The box can be used for everything and it will be programmable so that you can fit it to your purposes. Our goal is to make this blog as easy and simple as possible so that you can build that box yourself without having to browse the entire internet for a working solution. Out there are lots of solutions, versions, alternatives – out there is a lot of tech-talk which no one really understands. Here will be be the place for the DO IT YOURSELF NOOBS.

Right now we have absolutely no clue about the whole coding and processing thing, but we will cut our ways through the forrest and hopefully emerge with a working little wonder box!

Here is a very technical drawing of what we are planning to do:


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