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Adafruit LDP8806 Lightshow

Adafruit LDP8806 Lightshow

To give you an image of what our newly purchased LED strip is capable of, we found this video by cjbaar1.  He created a new version of an Adafruit test sequence which is pretty darn cool and looks quite promising: (credits for cjbaar1 and his code – looks really good!!!) Advertisements

The Problem with the LED…

We have come pretty far. Right now we are figuring out a way to keep our design as simple as possible. The original idea of starting with a breadboard and a chip has been thrown overboard since we found a way more elegant solution….. This solution is called Adafruit RGB LED LDP8806. This specific LED … Continue reading

There shall be light….

This blog is going to be a place where you will find simple but detailed tutorials about how to build a cheap yet impressive ambilight for your mac or your pc. If yet you don´t know what an ambilight is, the following video will probably help you getting the idea… Video If we got you … Continue reading